An Interesting Observation on Australian Voters

I came across a series of reports looking at voter perception on both the size/and role of governments produced by Essential Media. On the question “Overall, do you think Government in Australia is too large and tries to do too much” 44% thought the government did too much versus 28% that the government did too little. Interestingly when asked specifically on the role of government in delivering on particular issues (health, infrastructure, education) and if they do too much or too little, people thought that too little was done. 74% thought too little was done on health, 63% thought too little was done on public infrastructure, 67% on public transport and 53% thought too little done on education. As the Pollytics blog has noted this is a paradox. I did find Andrew Norton’s headline humorous, “An electorate that thinks the government does too much, expect for all the areas in which it does to little”.

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Essential Media Communication. 2 Apr 2013. Size of Government . [ONLINE] Available at:


The Australian Polis

As someone with an interest in Australian politics I have long been interested in a site that provided more information than opinion when it came to discussing “policies”. I believe that it is next to impossible to remove all opinion when it comes to delivering information, there is always an element of personal bias. I think that people generally hold an opinion and than seek the facts to confirm that their opinion is right afterwards. Which is just a human thing to do, I do the same thing. We all probably have blindspots. So with that in mind, I will try to present information on the policies of particular political parties so people can make up their own minds. I would like to think that my own reason for starting this blog is not to try to make people think the way I do but give them some information so they can make up their own opinion. At the very least if our political debate is a bit more informed that certainly can’t hurt and might even help. Who knows!